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Welcome to weight loss for life

Here you will learn the ins and outs of food, fat, and exercise. You will learn how to become healthy by eating right, tailored to you, with just the right type and amount of food and exercise you need.

Here you will receive a personalized evaluation of your whole body health, so we can work as a team to reset your ability to weigh what you should.

Here you will unleash new energy, better sleep, fewer or no aches and pains, as well as achieve a new body look and composition.

Overweight and/ or Obesity

You may have struggled all of your life with a weight issue.

Or, this may be  new especially for women in perimenopause or menopause.

You may eat right, or not; you may exercise with vigor, or not at all. Yet you continue to struggle with weight problems.

You may have been successful with a program but then the weight just comes back and then some. 

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Dr. Donna's program offers
a new take on weight. 


Yes, you will weigh and measure so you know where you begin and what progress you are making. 

Dr. Donna will monitor your progress daily and make suggestions on what you can do to make this journey work for you in the best way possible.

Eat whole foods from your grocery.

No food plan is the same.  

No exercise program is the same. You may or may not exercise.

It's all individualized!

And, best of all, everything is handled virtually from the comfort of your home. Even the recording of your weight is done automatically!

Dr. Donna provides individualized healthy weight plans by taking into consideration any health co-morbidities you may be dealing with.

She is a Physician and an Illinois Licensed Dietitian / Nutritionist; a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a Certified Keto Specialist.

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Here's what you get
in this 3-month program

Comprehensive Evaluation

Review of your personal health history and health needs.

Review of medications or supplements that may be interfering with your weight loss.

Review or order labs, including thyroid, adrenal, neurotransmitters, insulin resistance, hormones, and more if needed.

Dr. Donna supervised.



Review of past and current labs

Labs will be ordered if needed

Some important labs that will be required are thyroid, adrenal, neurotransmitters, insulin resistance, hormones, and possibly more depending on your health history

An EKG will be required for those with a history of CV disease

*Most testing can be covered by your insurance and is not included in the cost of this program

Dr. Donna Supervised


Personal Food Plan

You receive a specific food that will keep you healthy while you lose.

Dr. Donna Supervised. 


Personal Exercise Plan

An exercise plan is designed by
Dr. Donna
around you and your health history.  These exercises include walking and others.


Weight Loss in a Box Tools

Body composition scale 

Detox drink


Daily Follow-up Attention

6-One-on-on Virtual sessions with Dr. Donna.

Unlimited messaging with Dr. Donna when help is needed.

Daily monitoring of your progress, addressing your plateaus & setbacks.


Weight Loss Education

This information is specific to you. 

It is specific to your physiology. 

It is specific to your time schedules.


Stress Management Tools

Dr. Donna provides individual strategies for stress management using various tools such as:


CES Ultra

Calming herbs

Information on how to deal with reoccurring thoughts that sabotage you.


3-Month Program Cost

All of the above items are included in your package for
$ 1500.00.  Pay at the time you sign up for the whole amount or make 3 payments of $534 per month.

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